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Diversity & Inclusion

In today's highly competitive, global workplace, it is important to leverage the talents of everyone in our organization. Innovation and creativity thrive in environments that acknowledge and promote each other's differences. We need to see these differences as positive attributes and use them in collaborations to find the best solutions.

Diversity and Inclusion yields an Engaged and High Performing Culture

Kevin Hair
Kevin Hair
President & CEO, SRC, Inc.

left quotation markOur ability to be a successful, competitive company relies on us having a diverse workforce and creating a welcoming environment that respects a variety of viewpoints. Diversity goes beyond gender and race. We all have different educational and work experiences. We come from different geographic locations and socio-economic and cultural backgrounds. Leveraging these differences helps foster innovation and creativity. SRC is committed to an inclusive workplace where each person feels welcomed, accepted as a member of the organization, and that their contributions are valued.right quotation mark

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