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Redefining Possible® for America’s Allies

Counter-UAS Event Protection

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Counter-UAS Airport Protection

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Redefining Possible® for America’s Allies

Across the world warfighters and security personel are facing new threats and evolving challenges as they work to complete their missions. It is more critical than ever to quickly and accurately identify and understand potential threats, whether it’s a small UAS, a drone swarm or an anti-aircraft missile system.

SRC’s technologies are enabling fixed site and on-the-move counter-UAS protection to support border security, airport and critical infrastructure protection as well as force protection missions.

For decades we have worked with America’s allies to develop intelligence mission data (IMD) and electronic integrated reprogramming (EWIR) techniques that are helping to protect warfighters as they train for and engage in combat scenarios.

SRC is supporting our international customers with advanced radar, counter-UAS and IMD technologies to help protect warfighters and security personnel around the world.

Tan SR Hawk Radar on tripod
Supporting America’s allies with leading counter-UAS technology and critical intelligence mission data.

Counter-UAS Technologies

SRC’s fixed-site and on-the-move counter-UAS systems are trusted by the U.S. Military and customers around the world to help protect warfighters from hostile drones. We’re advancing our radar and EW technologies to bring critical counter-UAS solutions to our international customers.

Silent Archer® Counter-UAS Technology

SkyChaser® On-the-Move Radar

EW Integrated Reprogramming Database Development & Training

EW Intel Production & Reprogramming

Intelligence Misson Data

SRC is working with America’s allies to develop next-generation Electronic Warfare Intelligence Reprogramming (EWIR) solutions that support live, virtual and constructive simulation capabilities for the test and evaluation (T&E) and training communities, ensuring electromagnetic spectrum superiority for mission success.

SRC is a leader in intelligence mission data production, applying over 35 years of EW expertise to solve the most critical challenges warfighters face across the spectrum. Our advanced technologies can sense, emulate, confuse, deny and degrade enemy threats in real-time and can be leveraged for red-air live, virtual and constructive simulations.

Ground and Air Surveillance Radars

SRC’s advanced ground and air surveillance radar systems are proven, trusted solutions supporting border security and critical infrastructure protection missions around the world. Our radars are lightweight, easily transportable and can be emplaced in a variety of terrains. Our ground surveillance radars are capable of detecting and tracking personnel, ground vehicles and low-flying aircraft, while our air surveillance radars can detect and track aircraft, from small drones to large planes, as well as rocket, artillery and mortar threats.

SR Hawk™ Ground Surveillance Radar

Gryphon Family of Radars

AN/TPQ-50 Radar

SkyChaser® On-the-Move Radar

SRC Around the World

SRC is supporting customers internationally with dedicated in-country subsidiaries working to solve our international customers’ greatest challenges. Our international teams bring decades of military, radar, electronic warfare and intelligence mission data experience to the table as we work to develop critical, life-saving solutons that are redefining possible® at home and abroad.


Together, SRC, Inc. and SRC Aus employ U.S. and Australian EW experts developing next-generation solutions for the Australian Defence Force and Australia's allies.


SRC Can combines SRC’s 35+ years of experience in EW with a Canadian team of EW experts developing next-generation solutions and innovative products to solve Canada’s toughest EW challenges.


SRC UK combines SRC’s 35+ years of EW experience with a United Kingdom based team of EW experts to develop next-generation solutions to the UK's toughest challenges.