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EWIRDB User's Course Segments

Outline: Using the next generation of EWIRDB

This course is an overview of the EWIRDB information models, associated software tools and data. The course is predominately focused on the radar information model. In addition, there will be discussion on antennas, EO/IR, weapons and platforms. The tools utilized in this course are those within the EWIRDB toolkit, developed by the EWIRDB executive agency, NASIC.

Day 1

  • EWIRDB overview
  • EWIRDB data dissemination and data management
  • Data change tracking
  • Data viewing and extraction
  • Radar system level, handbook and performance data

Day 2

  • Radar parameters, waveforms, modes
  • Radar timing and algorithms (behavior and stimulus)

Day 3

  • Radar scanning, antennas and patterns
  • Radar Simulation tools
  • Other software tools and framework
  • Review of actual systems (if classified data available)


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