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EWIRDB Producer’s Course Overview


The EWIRDB Producer’s Course is an overview of the NGES-based EWIRDB model framework, with an introduction to the radar, ELINT, weapons, and other potential models, focused on learning on how to create and populate models using the model editor JADE. The course is designed for individuals who have little to no knowledge of EWIRDB models.


  • Basic knowledge of radar fundamentals


  • EWIRDB Overview
  • System Creation
  • KPS Core
  • General Data Entry
  • Basic States
  • Tools (Topaz)
  • Modulations
  • Timing and Algorithms
  • Structured Pulse
  • Simultaneity
  • Receiver
  • State Metadata
  • EWIRDB Tools
  • EWIRDB Standards
  • Antenna Model
  • ELINT Tools
  • Concept to Reality

5 Day Course

Day 1

  • Pace set by students

Day 2

  • Pace set by students

Day 3

  • Pace set by students

Day 4

  • Pace set by students

Day 5

  • Pace set by students

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